The Bioproduction, Dublin

The Bioproduction

The Bioproduction, will provide a platform for the key Biologic manufacturers from across Asia-pacific and rest of the world to share technological innovations, discuss the challenges and explore practical solutions for best practices in Biotherapeutics development and production where experts from all areas of Bioproduction from Asia-pacific will be invited.

Main Topic Include

Downstream processing
Discover the Recent Advances, technology and strategy approaches that can accelerate the pace and improve the efficiency of biopharmaceutical development and production
Scaling up and down – Modelling to manufacturing
Integrated Continuous Processing for the Manufacture of Monoclonal Antibodies
Cell Therapy Development, Production & Commercialization
Purification technologies
Bioreactor design and engineering
Single use, change and Quality control
Novel analytical technologies for the next generation of bio therapeutics
Emerging technologies for drug product manufacturing
Bioproduction of Antibodies, vaccines, proteins, cell, gene and immunotherapies, Biosimilars, monoclonal antibodies.

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