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About Biotrains

Biotrains is one of the world’s leading provider of business conferences, training,managed events and Consulting services for Pharmaceutical,Biotech, Healthcare and Medical Device industry. 
We at Biotrains recognize that knowledge is power and continuous learning is fundamental for the success of all business and academia. 

We deliver world-class content and expert knowledge that our clients demand to outshine in their professional roles giving competitive advantage to their Organization

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We organize specialized technical events in areas including

  • Lyophilization/Freeze Drying
  • Bioprocess Development & Manufacturing
  • Drug Development, Drug Discovery
  • Diagnostics & Personalized Medicine
  • Healthcare, Home Healthcare
  • Probiotics
  • Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical Development
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma -IT

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The Data Integrity

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Jeff Duke

Managing Director
Jeff Duke has over 20 years pharmaceuticals industry experience in both human and veterinary health in a wide range of…
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Kevin Murgatroyd

Kevin Murgatroyd, Ph.D. has worked within the pharmaceutical industry since 1982, whilst he is GMP and sterile speacialist with particular…
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Strengthen your career, broaden your knowledge, and widen your professional network with one of our training courses.


We ensure that each training offers ample opportunity for our delegates to meet and network with like-minded professionals from across the country and around the world.


We work with our clients to unlock their true potential, whilst optimising their performance and help them to achieve their goals.
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